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Digital Marketing is any kind of marketing that happens on a digital platform. Whether it’s on your website, your social media, or through email, it’s digital marketing. On the other hand, Inbound Marketing is a business methodology that attracts customers by creating valuable content and experiences tailored to them. It’s a way to market (usually using digital marketing tactics) that draws in qualified leads, rather than blasting a message out to a mass audience. The Digital Marketing Certification Course will teach you how to become an effective digital marketer with an inbound-first mindset.

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Course Syllabus

In this module, you will understand the definition of digital marketing, how digital marketing has evolved, and why it is important in this digital era.
In this module, you will understand why Digital Marketing has come into the picture and why it is becoming so popular. Get familiar with the history of the evolution of Digital Marketing and what has changed its use.
Here, you will come across various use cases where you are explained how Digital Marketing is done. Different examples will be given in order to make you understand its use in different situations.
Digital Marketing has quite a few types that include Content Marketing, SEO & SEM, PC, Affiliate Marketing, and a lot more. In this module, you will briefly be introduced to these types of Digital Marketing.
Content is centric to any kind of marketing. In this module, you will be introduced to content marketing and its importance in Digital Marketing. The process of Content Marketing will be taught, which will show you how to use the content for better reach to the target audience.
Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing are the two important types of Digital Marketing. In this module, understand how to rank your website/ content through SEO and SEM on the Search Engine Result Pages.
Social Media Marketing is all about using different social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc., to reach your target audience. Understand how social media can be a powerful medium to expand your reach and increase your engagement with the business.
Learn about automated marketing, software, and tools that automate the basic marketing operations to reduce cost, increase efficiency and improve the results of marketing efforts. The module will further discuss Affiliate Marketing, where the company’s offerings are promoted by the affiliates, who earn a commission on each sale of the products or services made through their link. The processes are explained through examples in the module.
This module will take you deeper into Pay Per Click Advertising, a part of Search Engine Marketing. Become familiar with the situations where you can use PPC. The module will also teach you about brand building through the Public Relations method of Marketing. The concepts are clearly explained in the module with the help of examples.
This module is entirely based on the demo given on Content Marketing, YouTube Marketing, and SEO techniques. The instructor has beautifully explained how Digital Marketing works in different situations. In the end, the course summary has been given to revise what you have learned in this Digital Marketing free course.



Rabia Saboor




4 weeks





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